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Tyga – kyoto (Album) zip, mp3 download

Tyga isn’t going to Kyoto alone. Just days before dropping his newest album, T-Raww unveils the tracklisting, which features some familiar names.

Gucci Mane (“Sip a Lil”), Tory Lanez (“Faithful”), and 24hrs (“Holdin On”) all appear as guests on the 14-song effort, which is set to arrive via Last Kings/Empire.

Superstars apparently influenced the making of the album. Murder Inc.’s impact is quite evident on “Ja Rule & Ashanti,” while Diddy seems to have swayed the creation of “I Need a Girl Pt. 3.”

Previously released singles “Temperature” and “Boss Up” are set to appear on the album, which also features songs like “Leather in the Rain,” “King of the Jungle,” and “Hot Soup.”

In January, Tyga unveiled the album cover, which features a nude woman painted as a tiger in front of a Japanese flag. Days later, he responded to those who said the artwork was disrespectful. “It’s lit. It’s art, man,” he said. “It’s not a flag. It’s a rising sun. The artist [Hajime Sorayama] is Japanese. He’s a very well known Japanese designer. That’s why I did it with him.”

Kyoto arrives Friday, Feb. 16.


1. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Temperature”
2. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Leather in the Rain”
3. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Come and Ball With Me”
4. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Boss Up”
5. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – U Cry”
6. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – King of the Jungle”
7. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Hard2Look”
8. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – I Need a Girl Pt.3”
9. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Train 4 This”
10. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Hot Soup”
11. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Sip a Lil” feat. Gucci Mane
12. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Faithful” feat. Tory Lanez
13. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Ja Rule & Ashanti”
14. “DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga – Holdin On” feat. 24Hrs


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